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Blaze GIF Creator 5.76

No Image Blaze GIF Creator is a powerful tool for creating gif animation, swf animation and web animation. Blaze GIF Creator can import from and export to various image format files which include GIF, AVI, BMP, JPG, PCX, PNG, TIFF, TGA, PSD, ICO, CUR, ANI etc..Not only it can spilt still images from animations,but also combine still pictures into animations as you desire. It also support convert freely among GIF animation, SWF animation and AVI file.

Sv Site Spinner Pro 1: Site Spinner Pro: Mobile Website Software, Web Design Building Programs, Tools.
Sv Site Spinner Pro 1

Site Spinner Pro: Mobile Website Software, Web Design Building Programs, Tools. Looking for mobile website software? SiteSpinner Pro web design software has the advanced capabilities to create websites viewable on mobile devices. Download a free trial today. Site Spinner Pro is a Windows-based professional Animation and Web & Mobile Website Design software package that enables anyone to create rich, interactive Websites for desktop and mobile.

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Flying PopCorn 6.0

Web Features - Automatic web player installation and updates - Multiple web browsing control and simple web document editing * Easy to Use - WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) style editing - Preview and pre-listening for object and page effects - Supports template functions for each object and page * Splendid Animation - Automatic generation and editing of frame-type page animation - Order, speed, delay time and sound effect for object animation

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the TAB 2.2: Vector based 2D animation software for web and broadcasting cartoons
the TAB 2.2

The TAB has been created to satisfy the needs of cartoon artists, animation designers and web-animation companies who need a quick and powerful tool for their creations, eliminating the tedious slowness of the hand-drawn animation. Animators with traditional animation background, accustomed to high-end animation programs, will find in the TAB a new exciting alternative tool to draw, paint and animate their cartoon characters.

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AVI to FLV/GIF Converter 2.0: Convert AVI to FLV, and AVI to GIF. Easy video to GIF, video to flash converter.
AVI to FLV/GIF Converter 2.0

It is an easy-to-use software which allows you to convert videos to popular Internet formats - Flash Video (FLV) and animated GIF. This is an ideal tool for placing videos on the Internet, because Flash Video is the most popular internet-friendly format for online video sharing using Adobe Flash Player, and GIF is the most popular web animation format supported by all web browsers.

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Flash-Creator 1.0: Make your website shine with animated Flash logos, banners, intros, and headers
Flash-Creator 1.0

animation in a web browser to see how your changes affect the animation. When the desired result is achieved, you must customize properties for the entire animation, including its width, height, frame rate, and background color and then click on the Generate Flash File button. For your convenience, Flash Creator can generate a single SWF file and an HTML code for your page. Flash animations are the most popular eye-candy makers and integrating them

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AMC Animation Workshop 4.0a.06: Create and maintain complex web banners, commercial ads and animated graphics.
AMC Animation Workshop 4.0a.06

animations as objects, eliminating the need to understand how animation files are structured. Animation Workshop will assemble your animations from still images, text and other animations. It brings an inexhaustible library of graphic effects to the table. It maintains its text as editable text objects, rather than graphics - the text content of your animations will be editable after they`re created. Export Animation Workshop`s animations to GIF,

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